Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Color Run (San Diego): His First 5k

We have been (sporadically) training for this since the summer.  

Wacky, upbeat, and, well, colorful, the Color Run seemed like a perfect first FUN-run for my fellow reluctant athlete -- and signing up for the San Diego run gave us an excuse to visit Tutu and Grandad!

up and out early (waiting for the trolley to Qualcomm Stadium)
waiting for the trolley to downtown San Diego's Santa Fe Depot
we RAN from the train station to the ferry
('singing' Murray Gold's instrumental "I Am The Doctor" theme from Doctor Who at the top of our lungs all the way)
back in Coronado: rewardddddddd

We will ab-so-lute-ly be doing another Color Run early in 2013.  

(But next time I will be certain to get some protein into the boyo beforehand...)

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