Monday, December 24, 2012

Hand-Made Gifts

Last year Ander and Zaza gave their hand-made gifts on Christmas morning, after stockings, and before breakfast and the under-the-tree gifts. I think they usually give their gifts to each other and to Dubbadad and I on Christmas Eve, so I may have switched it to Christmas morning last year because they were both still 'elfing' on Christmas Eve. Whichever way we do it, the intention is to not let the hand-made gifts be overshadowed by the other Christmas presents. As Ander and Zaza finished their gifts yesterday, and as we have a slightly tighter schedule than normal tomorrow morning (we will be driving down to Coronado after brunch), tonight it is.

By Zaza, for Ander:
moustache duct tape bandolier with removable pouches
By Ander, for Zaza:
Story Stones 

(as she had requested both a trip to Paris and a new cat in an early draft of her letter to Santa, I appreciate that he provided her with the tools to imagine a magical Parisian adventure with a black cat in tow...)
By Zaza for Dubbadad:
diorama featuring a purple-clad superhero battling a saucer-riding green alien
By Ander for Dubbadad:
this Sculpey creation holds cards inscribed with various family sayings and Dubbadad outbursts
By Zaza for me:
brilliant coupons in a super-cool pouch with a spaghetti-thin shoulder strap
By Ander for me:
(the note was wrapped up in a brown bag, under the tree)
an incredible animated short story created on the computer using Scratch.

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