Sunday, December 30, 2012

In the Land of Yes

at the Writer's Guild Theater to see this movie
(with Poppy and Grandma, Benevolent Rulers of the Land of Yes)
Gargoyle party on the hearth at Poppy and Grandma's
(when Ander was little, he called any grouping of three or more similar objects -- especially at Poppy and Grandma's -- a 'party')
Nutcracker party on the mantel at Poppy and Grandma's
drawing Cirque characters between lunch and dessert
(every meal at Poppy and Grandma's -- even breakfast -- is followed by dessert)
(Grandma sent Poppy out early this morning, 
specifically to track down Cherry Garcia ice cream for lunch dessert)
Poppy telling his version of the kreplach joke
(in his version, the parents take the boy to a psychologist who s-l-o-w-l-y, 

care-ful-ly folds a handkerchief to illustrate that there is nothing to fear, 
only to have the boy freak out as the final fold is made)
Aliza under the dining room table, suspended above the carpet, resting on the oval built-in foot rest, just as Grandma used to do when she was little.

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