Monday, December 03, 2012

Optimists Incorporated Off to School

He silk-screened the shirts in his graphic design class, 
and they were sold at the Holiday Bazaar over the weekend
(so: he designed and screened them, I ironed and folded them,

 his art teacher sold them, and I bought them back...)


  1. Heh, and here I thought that kind of circular economy only happened in private schools. I remember the incredulous look on my husband's face when I came home from a school auction having bought what we had donated but being pleased with myself for having paid less than it cost in the first place.

    1. 'circular economy' -- yes! the charters have to fund raise CONSTANTLY. i'm all in for in-class volunteering, and writing checks directly to the school when we can, but i personally boycott all the prom-style fundraisers that are apparently supposed to bond and rally the 'parent group.' nothing like an exhaustively planned and expensive 'date night' spent with a bunch of people you know in passing to drum up funds for the school!

  2. I do not miss that kind of thing.