Sunday, December 02, 2012

Rainy Weekend

Between storms, we took a walk down Fairfax for breakfast at the new Peet's.

"Where's the F in that photo?" became the morning's running joke. (siiiigh)

Groceries were purchased at the new Trader Joe's next door to the new Peet's (Padawan Aliza was schooled in the Way of the Cart), a new and more challenging gymnastics class was attended (a thrilled Aliza Skyped me on the way home to say that she actually sweated), a school Holiday Bazaar and book fair were attended, pumpkin pies were baked (finally, and by Dubbadad), homework was worked on, and the Cyber Sled game they invented last year was reinstated.

I ran out in the rain to buy Sterno so that we could dip chunks of tart apple and sourdough bread into melted cheese for dinner.  (SO worth running out in the rain to buy Sterno.)

We played Scrabble, using the simplified Scrabble Junior board and the nicer letter tiles and tile-holders from the non-Junior game.  (I may have been a bit too excited about winning.)  Afterwards there was pie and whipped cream for the losers everybody.

Ander wrote another chapter in the epic story he and an old friend are writing together, back and forth, via e-mail.  He sat (glassy-eyed and far away) in his flannel pajamas, in his green chair, under his loft bed, and planned out what to make for Aliza, and Dubbadad, and me for Christmas. He made postcards to send to friends. 

Aliza drew intricate little pencil sketches inspired by Friday's viewing of "Mirror, Mirror," and wrote in her journal.  She treated Ander to a Spa Zaza session (facial masque, hand massage), played Poptropica on the computer (with a little brotherly assistance) and -- fresh from her shower -- read the graphic novel she got at the book fair.

Pumpkin waffles and (later) grilled cheese sandwiches were eaten, Halloween bins were returned to the garage, Christmas bins came into the house, the costume chest was purged and reorganized, laundry was done. I painted Aliza's nails in front of the fire.

But what I hope I will remember about this weekend is wearing needle-felted elf ears while reading Zaza (for the first time) and Ander (for the second) the first five chapters of The Hobbit -- off and on all weekend, in beds and on sofas and rugs, at the dining room table with a mouth full of waffle, and punctuated with side-trips to the bookshelf to switch editions so that the maps have details in red (as the text says they should), and to look at Alan Lee's artwork in other books.  We have traveled from hobbit-hole to troll barbecue, from Rivendale to the goblin cave in the Misty Mountains -- and Golem is waiting in the next chapter to play at Riddles in the Dark...

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