Monday, December 24, 2012

Squeezing in Some Sweetness

While I was criss-crossing town, running last-last-last-minute errands (necessitated by spending a precious weekday housebound with poor, poorly Ander), Dubbadad made sugar cookie dough from the Trader Joe's box mix and let the dough chill in the fridge.

After I unloaded all my secret packages, I rolled out the dough, dumped my ridiculously large collection of (never used, multi-seasonal) cookie cutters onto a towel on the kitchen floor, let Ander and Zaza pick cutters, and raided the pantry for decorative bits whilst Dubbadad cut and transferred raw cookies.

As we didn't get to make gingerbread cookies with Tutu and Grandad this year, I am really, really happy we squeezed this in.  Butter cookies are not my favorite thing, but for Ander and Zaza it's really all about the decorating anyway (I would add lemon zest or cinnamon extract to this mix next time).


  1. Those are so great! I especially love the scared star and the squirrel. Do you have any pics of them baked or did they disappear too quickly?

    1. i think the stars ended up being left for Santa, and everything else was eaten on the way to San Diego the next day -- but no, I didn't get pictures of ANY of them baked!!! (Ander's simpler designs fared better than anything that was surrounded by excess sugar or involved Sixlets)