Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Advent Elf Has Mostly Been Neglected This Year, and Yet

For the past two Christmases I have only committed to filling the final twelve pockets.  I mostly fall back on candy.  

Interest may be waning in this tradition, as Ander and Zaza have a pretty good understanding of the calendar these days and therefore don't really need any help to build up their excitement about the impending holiday, and because they are busy with school right up until the weekend before Christmas, and also, honestly, because they know they don't need twenty-four, or 12 -- or any -- extra little gifts.  

And yet: I had a few wee treasures that have been stashed away for more than a year.

only once in all the years we have had the Elf have I managed to fill all 24 pockets with tiny scraps of paper inscribed with funny little tasks and projects and good deeds to be carried out
lava rocks
'desert roses'
wooden keys (thanks, jessica!)

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