Monday, December 24, 2012

The Rest of the Afternoon Went Like This

I wrapped while they watched that beloved holiday classic, "Jurassic Park." 



A&A had never seen it, and films they can watch together are few and far between (their three-year age-gap feels wider than ever these days).  

And honestly, I couldn't convince Dubbadad to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" again (so I watched it after everyone was in bed).

As we had to deliver Baby Cousin's Christmas present around the corner, Poppy and Grandma had us over for cookies and cocoa and Christmas stollen.

(We measured today, and Ander is officially as tall as I am.)
That nutcracker is shrinking.  (It's the only bearable possible explanation.)

On our way home, we delivered mini loaves of chocolate chip gingerbread to some of our favorite families*, and again I realized that it really-truly feels most like Christmas -- like that Little Women or Little House on the Prairie version of Christmas that twinkles in my heart -- when I am watching Alexander and Aliza all giddy with giving.

*which reminded us all of this favorite picture book

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