Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy Summer Adventures (a Bouillabaisse of Swimming Pools, Sweet, Cold Treats, Errands, Books, Art, and Friends)

how I keep up with them:
iced coffee, jek-style, with coffee ice cubes

Soft-serve as consolation prize:
she is within centimeters of being too tall for the Ikea ball-room, 

and there was an hour wait to get in

They are now water-safe enough and old enough
to be permitted in the West Hollywood pool all on their own
(I pay the dollar to get them in, they navigate the dressing rooms, get their gear all sorted, and enter the pool, while I spread out a towel on the grass outside the fence, and read a book in the shade)

At Trails, in Griffith Park

At Scoops

His first trip to a roller coaster park (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
-- for a great, good friend's eleventh birthday

We are working hard at wearing out the new Zoku ice-pop maker