Friday, November 30, 2012

She said (as the windshield wipers slashed back and forth)...

"The sky is positively WEEPING!"

Falling Farther Behind Every Time I Take a Picture

I still haven't finished posting the pictures from Aliza's birthday party back in June.



But it's rainy and cozy and I haven't managed to get the Halloween decorations taken down (so. many. bins.), let alone get the Chanukah and Christmas decorations up (so. many. bins.).

And so, I stall:

the view from my perch in the laundry room
(note counter full of shoes)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday, Between Bagels and Bedtime

waiting their turn at the Photo Phundraiser
new artwork at their old school
coffee and cocoa (and gelato) at the gelato place
he told me about a very strange dream he had had the night before...
...while at exactly the same time, she read to me aloud from her paper doll book
taking street art to a whole new level (framed!!!)
comic book store, tea shop, herb store