Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back-Posting: Aliza's Black Apple Party

I finally finished organizing all of jessica's amazing photos from Aliza's birthday party back in June!

(The link will take you to the first post in the series, and then you just have to keep hitting Newer Post...)

I am thinking that perhaps this is the last of these home-made birthday parties.

End on a high-note, and all that...  

Maybe instead there will be 4-6 friends, a movie, a pizza, and a sleepover this Spring, and we'll go all-out on an all-ages Halloween party instead...

Now I just have to convince Dubbadad that hosting 4-6 extra children in a 1270 square foot house overnight is a 'sensible' undertaking.  (Last time I attempted such a thing, there were twice as many overnight guests, and I sent Dubs to Poppy and Grandma's for the duration...)

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