Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Everyday' and Every Night

Tonight's Everyday Math 'Homelinks' page involved facing North, South, East or West, making various partial turns, clockwise and counterclockwise, and marking the final direction on a circle on paper.  Marking the hula hoop with a N, S, E, and W helped her to better visualize when it came time to make the translation to paper.
She has been having trouble staying in her own bed most nights for over a month now.  We are trotting out all the old tricks we used when Alexander went through this (seemingly years-long) phase: guided imagery, white noise, bolster pillow as faux Mommy, night lights, letting  her cry a bit (but giving her a cool damp washcloth for her face), warm milk, warm baths, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, increased exercise, leaving the TV on in the living room after we go to bed (flickering light and the calming rhythm of voices), telling her to imagine all the people who are up and at work (museum guards, donut-makers), and reading our most relaxing bedtime stories.

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