Friday, January 11, 2013

From Agee to Zwerger

This past weekend, Dubs and I had to mend and shore up Aliza's bookcase.  Depending on which one of us you ask, it's broken-ness was a result of shoddy workmanship and materials and a too-close proximity to the warp-making heater vent OR too many books.

The requisite emptying and re-filling of the shelves allowed me to -- oh so cathartically for this once-a-children's-bookseller-always-a-children's-bookseller gal -- purge and reorganize the bulk of my the picture book collection* which currently resides in Aliza's room.  

Aliza is on to chapter books these days, but just as I told myself when I was a twenty-something collector of picture books, the reading level of many picture books is right up there with a lot of middle grade fiction.

And it's also very likely quite possible that we have not gotten around to reading a good number of these picture books to Aliza.  Our memories of doing so are misty and very likely quite possibly faulty, melding with memories of reading to wee Alexander.

Thus the picture books are staying put (though there is whole shelf lower down with early readers and a nice selection from my the middle grade chapter book collection).

And until we hit the Zs on the lowest shelf, Dubbadad and I will be working our way from left to right from top to bottom -- no skipping! -- every night at bedtime. So far, reading two at a go, we have finished the Jon Agee section.

That girl of ours deserves (and I would say, needs) all the good stories and beautiful pictures we can cram into her curly head.

*fairy tales, poetry books, books about art, folklore and mythology, and 'inappropriate/politically-incorrect/too-scary' illustrated books (those last on a high shelf) are all in the living room, attempting to draw the eye away from the ginormous television.  Also, ander has two (three/) cubbies of his Ikea cubby system devoted to his never-ever-letting-them-go favorite picture books, which include a complete Maira Kalman collection, books with a character named Alexander, and Alissa's picture books.  He was rather put out to discover that the Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau (above) was in Aliza's bookcase.


  1. Seeing 'Slightly Invisible' on the shelf made me smile - we read it on constant repeat to Mini-M until it "had to go back to the library because other boys and girls needed a turn" - and even despite that, I still can't say Soren Lorensen without getting muddled up.
    PS - My parents still have shelves of picture books and we all left home a good 10 years ago!

    1. Loren Sorenson!!! (oh me toooooo)
      As I'm sure you know, there's even an episode of 'Charlie & Lola' about favorite library books!!!