Wednesday, January 30, 2013


so excited
(off to 6th grade camp with a bag full of snow gear)
so optimistic
('skinny' vanilla latte, almonds, Mr. Penunmba)
so frawnch
(loving how cette jeune fille copied the style of the sample drawings)

The boy who couldn't make it through a sleepover at a friend's house only two short years ago is off, with 4 pairs of wool socks, new woolly slippers, Scotch Guarded jeans, and absolutely no anxiety (on his part).  

He is hoping there really is snow (it has been sunny).  He is hoping to be in the same cabin as his Forensics partner (the teachers have kept cabin assignments a secret).  He has been looking forward to this day since the trip was announced in September, and he was positively vibrating with anticipation and glee this morning.  

And thank goodness his mood was contagious because otherwise I would be fretting about him remembering where everything is in that big duffle and about him losing Dubbadad's super-cool steampunk-y sunglass case and about him getting sick or hurt way way up there in the mountains and of course (of course!) about BEARS.

So I am not fretting.

Nope.  Not me.

(Liar!  What am I going to do with myself at 9 tonight, and there's nobody waiting to hear me read from Adventures in the Mirkwood Cave-Castle of Lee Pace*?)

Still, I think it's going to be fun having Aliza as an only child for two whole nights.  

Though she has not been looking forward to this at all.  

Aliza has made me promise -- against Ander's wishes -- that she can sleep in his loft bed until he comes home.  Tonight, over dinner, Dubs and I stared and stared and stared at her, and said things like, "Isn't it nice to have all this focused attention?" and then whenever she mentioned Ander we would say, "Who is this 'Alexander' you keep talking about?" or  "Aren't you a little cleverkins of an only child to invent an imaginary sibling!" or  "Tell us more about this 'big brother' of yours!" And then I popped into Ander's room shouting back over one shoulder "Just a sec -- I need to get something out of the GUEST ROOM!"

I promise this didn't go on for too long.

It was kind of lovely to sit with her at the table doing -- uninterrupted! -- homework, to baby her a little and help her with all her after-shower rituals, and to ultimately let her sleep with me, the teaspoon to my soup spoon (after re-thinking the whole 6 foot high loft bed + 8 year-old with interrupted sleep-cycles equation).

Tomorrow Dubs has basketball after work, so Aliza is going to do all her homework with her tutor so that when I pick her up she and I can take early showers, call for Chinese take-out, build a fire in the fireplace, and read together.  

It's possible she is warming up to this whole only-child idea.

*what I have taken to calling The Hobbit, in hopes that the so far entirely under-utilized Lee Pace will be playing the Mirkwood Elf King in the next Hobbit movie...

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