Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Trader Joe's Was Closed, So We Blew Off Groceries and Ate Our Way Through a Peet's Gift Card

She had brought a book and drawing supplies...
...but he had been at ceramics camp all morning, 
and she was tired of playing on her own.
She was laughing so hard that her stomach muscles hurt, prompting me to say, 
"Well, you know, the BEST sort of laughter is the kind that results in a sore stomach. And projectile vomiting. Onto your big brother's hat, 
thus removing it from his daily wardrobe rotation."
This was perhaps not the thing to say to calm everybody down.
Thank goodness for Exquisite Corpse.


  1. Heh, good luck with that. A few years ago my son rediscovered a pea coat he had worn when he started school. He wore it until the wrists were (at least) halfway to his elbow. (I was quite pleased to find one in his size this year because I think he was going to be quickly crossing the line between making a fashion statement and looking neglected.)

    1. earlier last month the Hat gave him a rash on his scalp. even that didn't deter him.

      we have started upholding Victorian standards of dress: "a gentleman never wear his hat INSIDE."

      (honestly, i don't really mind. but his dad is a shy person, and cannot understand wearing anything that attracts attention)

  2. Well the hat suits him and he'll be easy to spot in a crowd. :)