Monday, January 07, 2013

Wishing For MORE Winter Break

This is the school break from which we all have the hardest time coming back.  

This morning, we slowed, and paused on the sofa by the window, caught in one of those honey-slow extra chunks of time we sometimes find after the morning rush and before we have to drive to school.  I read an old, old favorite for the benefit of she-who-is-settling-into-her-third-school-this-year.  We leaned into each other and watched the dancing silhouettes of oak branches slide across the fireplace tiles.  We dreamed of doing all that reading together in front of the fire that we meant to do but didn't do so much of, and a never-taken bundled-up trip downtown via subway to ice skate between skyscrapers.  We wished for more cocoa, more baking, more soup, more days spent in pajamas and wool socks, more visiting with friends, more BBC sci-fi, more sleeping in under down comforters.

And then we gathered backpacks, and walked out through the wind to the car.


  1. My kids had to go back on the 2nd :( It was way too soon. And we spent way too much of it doing things like coughing, and homework and making sure my son worked on his application/portfolio for the program he wants to attend next year when he starts high school. Baah. I think I need a do-over.

    Sorry you guys didn't get to ice skate is it closed for the season now? We have the rinky dinkiest skating rink you ever saw, I can't decide if it's sad or adorable but none of us can skate anyway.

    1. I'm hoping to squeeze in the ice rink this coming weekend, but we have until the 21st before it 'melts' away... We also -- somehow -- HOW??? -- never got to see the Hobbit, and that is ABSOLUTELY happening this weekend. But we did get to visit my family in San Diego. It's SO HARD for me, but I am learning to share my children with other people (when all I want to do is keep them home and hang out under quilts). Thus, play-dates and 'hangout dates' (or whatever we call them in middle school) and birthday parties and yes, those darn CST prep packets took precedence...

      Oh and we don't reeeeeeely know how to skate either -- Ander least of all -- but Aliza is a once-a-year-natural on the ice, and I like a good wobble around the rink...