Monday, January 14, 2013

With "He's a Pirate" Blasting from the Living Room Speakers

Again with the swordplay -- this time immediately after they walked in the back door and dumped their backpacks.

Quite suddenly, Ander dashed into his room and slammed the door shut.  He shouted that he would be right out.  

Aliza is not a fan of the slammed-Ander-door.  

But instead of letting the abrupt separation hurt her feelings (placated by his promise to return soon), she came up with a secret plan of her own: she ran into the kitchen and stage-whisper-asked if I knew how to tie a 'pirate scarf.'  

One fold and two knots later she was waiting for her brother in yarrr-worthy headgear.

Then Ander reappeared wearing his own (green) bandana!  

They laughed and laughed, and then were off and fighting, bits of bark flying all over the living room, cutlass verses khopesh...

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