Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Morning: Fits and Starts

Role Model Day: Willy Wonka
(second choice after Howard Carter -- while there is a surplus of moustaches, there is a serious shortage of khaki-colored clothing and pith helmets at our house)
He said his Wonka was not based on the 'creepy' Depp version, but on the Gene Wilder and book versions.

Friday Sing (assembly):
I try to make it to as many of these as possible.  Aliza loves that students don't have to sit with their classmates if they have a parent to sit on with.  (Also, she likes that I can call up the lyrics to "Eye of the Tiger" on my phone.)
We were a block from Ander's school this morning when he realized he had left his backpack at home. Thus -- as Aliza's school is a block from our house -- Ander got to come along to Friday Sing today. (He said it was so much prettier sounding than the Middle School's Wednesday assembly, where only the 4th graders, the teachers, and a handful of older kids [including Ander] choose to sing)
Oscar-set-up-induced gridlock:
this, and the left-behind backpack made Ander late to school today

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