Sunday, February 17, 2013

Got to Make the Mornin' Last: Easing Into the Long Weekend

Pancakes and rubber stamping outside, at the backyard table.
Hummingbirds and mockingbirds going mental in the honeysuckle.
 Whipped cream in my coffee. Traffic noise at a minimum -
 perhaps thanks to the Great Presidents' Day Weekend Exodus,
 l.a. is temporarily at its 1935 census levels...?

A shard of summer fell from the sky:
slippers were kicked off, doors were flung open, 

The Farm Game was set up and squabbled over

We didn't bother getting dressed until noon.
And then we only did so in order to walk up to the Trading Post.

He made a very thorough circuit, checking out every booth.
He did not have enough money to buy the cool print of the green robot,
but he did have enough to buy a chalkboard for his room.
Are we surprised at his frame color choice?
No, we are not.
Aliza chose an optician's lens front the 1930s.

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