Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Pretending to be a Craft Blog: Making Purple Play-Clay for Dubbadad's Birthday Gift

we used a glitter-and-scent-free version of our beloved jessica's tutorial

jessica suggests adding the color to the water, not to the thicker dough.
she has found that powdered Kool-Aid packs the most punch color-wise (but we wanted to make purple dough and could not find Grape Kool-Aid at Target -- thus, our dough turned out sort of an elephant-y grey-lilac)
another tutorial I found on-line suggested using hot water -- eliminating the need to do this on a stove-top -- and then kneading for five minutes instead of stirring.
(the dough does get really, really stiff very quickly, and a child wielding a wooden spoon is no match for its resistance...)
we added a bit more color at this point
(it still came out pretty grey, but 'Za was satisfied)
Aliza made a big doily from parchment paper,
and we recycled a tin with a nice, tight-sealing lid
bonus: peppermint-scented tin
(next time we will add essential oils to scent the dough)

this tutorial says it can last up to 6 months!

It is rather embarrassing to admit that I had never done this with Ander and Zaza.  

I remember when I was in first and second grade my own mother always had Yuban coffee cans-full of home-made pale pink and baby blue dough all ready to be played with.  I remember making Christmas ornaments from vaguely-red and barely-green dough (and then years later watching those ornaments mold in the moist air of a Hawaiian christmas).  Truth be told -- and despite my grade-school-girl's adoration of all things Laura Ingalls --  I think I always preferred the less-oily texture, super-bright colors, and pleasant smell of the store-bought Play-Doh I would get for Christmas.  So when A&Z were younger, we always had massive amounts of store-bought Play-Doh on hand.  

(Then again, if I'm being perfectly honest here, we had Play-Doh on hand before A&Z existed, because not-yet-Dubbadad loveslovesloves Silly Putty and modeling clay and Play Dough.  Me?   Not so much.  I'm just sort of icked-out by anything that sticks under my always-short fingernails.)

Fortunately, our less-mess-averse jessica made sure this classic project made it into A&Z's childhood memories -- her oil-and-tartar-and-stove-free outdoor version (Salt Dough) can be found here.

And while Zaza and I were brain-storming ideas for Dubbadad's birthday, the 'Za thought to do this full-fledged version (she was largely influenced by the fun going on over here).  

When we were finished, she made me promise - PROMISE - that we would make more, soon, adding more color and some nice herbal scents for the next go-round.

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