Thursday, February 28, 2013


 -- via determined squishing and squeezing of the calendar, and then also by utter serendipity --

the day goes something like this:

Get A&A off to school, rush back home to meet with termite guy who confirms that garage is held together with hope and termite spit, rush back to Aliza's school to work in her classroom during Writer's Workshop (love),

search high and low at Aliza's school for the legendary-and-apparently-fictitious 'big roll of ginormous paper with which you can make a break-through banner for the upcoming school jog-a-thon,' find a sad, battered, blue-ish but big-ish scrap in the IEP office and decide it will have to do, drive the sad scrap over to the Middle School campus, hoist unwieldy scrap of sad paper onto shoulder and schlep across campus like a sight gag waiting to happen, pause to notice a truly lovely garden class project,

discover superior and far more ginormous rolls of paper in the Middle School office, overtly play favorites and recruit six enthusiastic 6th graders to paint the break-through banner for the jog-a-thon,

pick up Aliza from chorus, drive to Easternmost Hollywood -- promising a visit to the Gelato Shop -- drop off clothes at the Resale Shop, pick up goodies at the Favorite Shop, and then -- finding that it is really too too too late for gelato -- take children to their favorite dinner-on-the-way-home place.

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