Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part 3: Our Surprise Destination

I told them we were going to the Central Library,
but my secret plan was to bring them here

Ander could have spent the whole day right here,
in this chair at the end of the art section
(that's a book on Dada in his lap)

(spot the green Hat)

We finally lured him upstairs...

through a tunnel made of books...

past the sci-fi section housed in a bank vault
(the building was originally a bank)...

into the Dollar Room, where:
* I met the gentleman who keeps things somewhat in (his own special) order

* we each found a book or two to bring home
* we were shown the Secret Room behind a rotating bookcase (where a couple who had met at the store had become engaged this past Valentine's Day)

...and then on to ogle the book-and-ephemera assemblages...

Two of us could have spent their lives the whole day here,
while two of us enjoyed walking around but were ready to go after about an hour

Afterwards, we ran through the rain, 'sharing' Shanaynay's owly umbrella (eventually stopping along the way to purchase a big black $6 brolly from a sidewalk vendor), and lunched at the Grand Central Market.  

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  1. We totally tried to go on the Angel's Flight but because it was the holiday it was closed. So glad you had fun!