Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Part 4: Angel's Flight

While certainly Central, the Market seemed not-so-Grand to us (perhaps we're just spoiled by the insane diversity of the Original Farmer's Market in our back yard): it was alllllll Chinese food and Central American cuisine.  

Oh, and boba.  

Afterwards we took our frozen beverages out into the rain and wind (yeah...), crossed the street, and took a very short trip up and down a hill on a bright orange funicular.

It was awesome (despite the Grumpiest Ticket Taker Ever).

Also -- and here's the part they will remember forever --  I almost fell over backwards when the ride suddenly started and I was taking pictures instead of holding onto something, BUT managed to regain my balance and not spill a green tea boba all over myself (though I maaaaaay have let out that god-awful Julia Childs-ean surprised hoot I have allegedly made on other similarly startling-turned-embarassing occasions).

(when the car suddenly lurches forward, please do your best to ignore the hooting of the woman holding the camera and the green tea boba)

(that ticket taker was a meanie)



  1. Aliza's hat is killing me with the cuteness. Little Miss Tumnus! Did it come like that or did you add the ears?

    1. Ander had a green one with ears that he has outgrown (siiiigh), and both were made by the wonderful Tina over at hitree on etsy (she doesn'talways have them listed, but if you message her she is usually delighted to whip one up!!!):


    2. here is his (he was always sort of annoyed when people asked him if he was supposed to be Shrek):