Saturday, February 09, 2013

Saturday with Tutu and Grandad: of Candy Wrappers, Hot Sets, Tar Pits, Stetsons, and Gooey Helpings of Carvel Ice Cream Cake

Dubbadad got this puzzle for his birthday.
(He very kindly let the more OCD segment of our family take it over.)

We parked at Dubs's work, and took a mini-tour of the weekend-emptied studio.

A quick roll down the side of the Page Museum 'bunker,'
before taking a docent-led walking tour of the Pits.

Inside the Page: trying to get unstuck from 'tar' 

Such a manageable little museum. 
You can read every placard and take two hours, 
or you can stroll through in 20 minutes.  

The displays seem to never change, and that is just fine by us.

And back outside for more hill-rolling.

At Poppy and Grandma's for Dubbadad's Official Family Birthday Party
"Stetsons are cool"
Dead-Language-savvy-Grandma's brilliant touch to the cake

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