Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sticking Close to Home

Aliza and I hit up a record store (her first) yesterday after gymnastics, hoping to add to our meager collection of 45s. She was overwhelmed (the distinctive smell, the all-male clientele hunched over the over-Za's-head-height bins), and ended up sitting on the floor by the back counter, reading her book,
 while I dug for treasure in the non-alpabetical dollar bin.
Today, I taught Ander & Zaza how to operate my 

very, very lo-fi portable Crosley turntable.
They played scratchy singles by Elvis Costello and the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel and the Platters and Tim Curry, and even a few of my childhood  Sesame Street and Arnold Lobel story records -- one by one, bickering 

over who got to lift and put down the needle.

They split a thick-skinned, impossibly fragrant pomelo.

Ander finished up a project he originally intended to make for 'Za's next birthday.

He drew Aliza parading with several of the characters she has invented and which she loves to draw again and again.  He used his x-acto knife to cut it out of its original white background, and glued it a fresh sheet of card stock.
Aliza LOVED it (of course) -- I think that she especially liked that her characters had inspired him

Math homework with Dubbadad al fresco.

Plans and supplies for making custom-made 'air fresheners.'

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