Friday, February 01, 2013

There and Back Again

apparently it was muddy in the mountains this morning:
muddy boots, muddy suitcases (argh), 

muddy snow-pants stuffed in with clean clothes (ugh ugh ugh)
The Return of The HAT (they were apart for 2 days!!!):
the first thing he did after removing his mud-crusted (erggghhh)
and before we headed out for a snack

He had a great time.

Of course he did.

And there were no bears.

He gave me such a detailed, breathless, and lengthy play-by-play of the trip that he was thirsty afterwards.

Bests: SNOW, lots of it, the fer-reals powdery kind he had never seen before; shelter-building (his team found a hollow tree stump that they could mostly all fit inside); learning to use a compass (and being raw-ther good at it); star-gazing; a flashlight-free night hike to a pristine snow field lit only by starlight; and the food (i may have done him a huge favor by being such a lazy 'cook' -- everything OUT THERE is SO TASTY in comparison).

Worsts: the 'sorting' of everybody into cabins where he and his best Forensics buddy were in the last chunk of kids to be assigned a cabin, and NOT ending up with his buddy OR the "awesome cabin counselor with a beard."  (But that was a minor disappointment, and he otherwise loved everything.)

Apparently I was the only parent to have delved deeply enough into the camp website to discover how to send snail-mail and an e-mail (to be printed out and delivered) to my camper.  

I know, I know: he was only gone for two and a half days.  But I thought if it were me, I would love to get surprise mail.  

I hope it didn't embarrass him too much.  I went out of my way not to write anything mushy, and in fact blamed my writing at all on receiving a message (a postcard delivered via miniature giraffe) from his future self which instructed me to do so.  Future Ander told me that he had a great time at camp way back in 2013, and to be sure to send Present-Day Ander a card, and to warn him not to sneak out of his cabin at night.  (The giraffe-delivered postcard crumbled into ashes shortly after it was received.)

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