Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What to Do When the Rest of the World Has a Three-Day Weekend and You Have a Four-Day Weekend: Part 1 (Getting There)

Our first stop was a 7-11 (right behind this bus-stop paste-up)
 for cash and Pop Tarts

We parked at Hollywood and Highland:
they already had the street blocked off for the Oscars, 

and the tourists were out in full-force, photographing the empty bleachers

They never show that on TV:
the VIP tent-tunnels that lead to the red carpet 

are right in front of the entrance to the subway

The nearly-empty station was deemed "very post-Zombie-Apocalypse"

The rainy weather put the kibosh on my loosey-goosey plans to head out to Cabazon

Instead I stole the itinerary of our dear, dear Meg, and took Ander, Za, and Shanaynay to explore a local treasure trove...  

(But I told them we were going to the Central Library...)

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