Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Twenty-Three Winners and Five Heroes

I Pinned a bunch of ideas from all over the web, and let Aliza choose from the ones that seemed the least labor-intensive and that would utilize materials we already have on hand.

She chose this one (but I very much underestimated its labor-intensity*).  

She had Strong Opinions about what the boys in her class would tolerate (no pink -- siiiiiiigh -- and NO HEARTS).  She did all the non-hot-glue gluing, carefully, carefully stacking all those ruffly papers.  And she signed the back of every card "From Your Friend Aliza" in her best cursive.

Guess who was up late hot-gluing the ribbon and pin-backs?
The directions for this project were sorely lacking. Hellllooo? No pictures of the backs? The pin backs and safety pins didn't love being glued to the (waxy?) liners, and so there was an extra step to glue a small circle/heart (and in the case of safety pins, a piece of felt) to the backs of each rosette. Cards had to be hole-punched in a very specific way, and threading the pins through the holes was tricky. ETCETERA!  Also, our good pinking shears have gone missing (the ones I picked up in the craft aisle at Target today sort of s-l-o-w-l-y chewed the edges of the cupcake liners). 

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