Thursday, February 07, 2013

Twice As Many of His Classmates Competed (but Nobody Made it to the Final Round)

practicing their "duo interp" of ROARR: CALDER'S CIRCUS
finding their first round room assignments
one last pep-talk
watching their (older and more experienced) competition

they had to perform three times, in front of three different judges and a roomful of fellow contestants (oh and two moms, ahem)

“Preposterous people, ridiculous rascals, 
and colicky children of all ages…"
(they didn't make it to the last round -- but nobody did,
and so we got to leave early and I made it home in time to kiss Aliza goodnight)
really, is it possible to utter the words "SIXTH GRADER" without chuckle-sighing, half-smiling, and shaking your head in disbelief and wonder?

Yay for the NJFL!!!

Ander may have found his 'team sport' (his teacher did in fact letter in speech and debate in high school).


  1. I lettered in Orchestra. Please don't tell anyone.

    1. Nelson! You have now outed yourself as a band geek to the 30 or so friends and relatives who read this blog! (We here at Ander & Zaza have previously helped Edward to let his "first chair trombone" flag wave proudly...)

  2. They look like a fun group of kiddos. :)

  3. Oh my gosh!! He's practically a grown man!!!
    They're so grown up!


    1. a bit taller than I am as of this week...siiiiiiigggghhhhhhh....