Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

survivors from the 80s: blown eggs

siblings worked as teams this year

that Easter Bunny...such a jokester

in her basket (with fine-point day-glo markers)

nose flute (in his basket) and kazoo duet

(plastic) egg and spoon

Friday, March 29, 2013

CST Prep, Painting, Pre-Trip Errands with Paint on Their Hands

they both have massive practice packets to do over the 'break'

(between paintings, he made this abstract mono-print by
pressing a clean piece of card stock onto the aluminum foil he had used as a palette for his acrylic paints)

we think she lives on our neighborhood:
we see her all the time (usually in the Trader Joe's parking lot, 

but today at the office supply store next to the shoe store)

passing time at Pinky's Automotive 
while the guys get our car ready for the drive to Yosemite

Thursday, March 28, 2013

By Way of Burning Off the Milkshakes and Monster Fries

We went through the drive-through, but -- at the risk of ending up with an In-N-Out-scented van -- I made them wait until we arrived at the Favorite Neighborhood Park.
They gave up the climbing structure to the little kids
(they are the sort of big kids they adored when they were little)

Completing the "Make a Fake WANTED Poster" challenge
(towards earning his Prankster badge on

Shortly after he put up his posters, the kids in the Rec Department Spring Camp were let out into the park.
They found this poster and immediately tore it off the tree, took one of their own 'captive,'
and dragged the suspected 'Nose' off to a camp counselor
in hopes of collecting their 12 marshmallows...
(putting up posters on the way home)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Science Fair Project 2013: Why My Office Has Smelled Like Rotten Eggs (and Why We Are Going to Yosemite the SECOND Week of Spring Break)

A (stinky!) microbe factory atop the dryer:
loosely-covered jars of rainwater, dead grass, and a bit of egg yolk

After seven days he poured the contents of the two jars into one jar, stirred, and...

...poured the stuff into two containers...

...covered one container with a foam-core pyramid,
and left both in the sun all day, every day, for one week.

He hypothesized that Pyramid Power was bunk, and that the culture inside the pyramid would die off as quickly as the culture outside the pyramid (perhaps more quickly, as photosynthesis would be hampered by the pyramid)

Each evening he uncovered the cultures...

...and took a sample of each.

For each sample, he counted the number of microbes he could find in five minutes.
(It is tricky working a microscope whilst holding a blue Charms Blow Pop)