Friday, March 01, 2013

Adventures Without and With Them: Hogging jek All to Myself; Hearing Monsieur M Hit Those High, Sweet Notes in "Oliver!"

We met up at jek's brother's magical casita
for our annual 'stocking' exchange...

(these painted jars were on the windowsill)
We didn't even pretend there were stockings involved this year

(hand-made robots in every corner)
My goodies for jek -- while many had been collected way before Christmas -- were now (more properly) belated birthday presents.

(Ander needs to copy this guy)
As per always, we talked until we were parched, drank bubbly thirst-quenching iced beverages, ate sweet and savory things in a pretty setting, and shopped a bit.
As per always, her shopping bag was filled to the brim with affordable mix-and-match outfits,
while mine only contained one item that I will likely return.

(another happy corner from Brother G's house)

Monsieur M was fantastic,
and was so touched to see his buddies clapping in the audience,
so proud and dazzled by the hugs and praise afterwards.

Ander pined a bit, wishing he could have been the Artful Dodger to Monsieur M's Oliver (oh how I would have loved to have seen that!)...

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