Thursday, March 28, 2013

By Way of Burning Off the Milkshakes and Monster Fries

We went through the drive-through, but -- at the risk of ending up with an In-N-Out-scented van -- I made them wait until we arrived at the Favorite Neighborhood Park.
They gave up the climbing structure to the little kids
(they are the sort of big kids they adored when they were little)

Completing the "Make a Fake WANTED Poster" challenge
(towards earning his Prankster badge on

Shortly after he put up his posters, the kids in the Rec Department Spring Camp were let out into the park.
They found this poster and immediately tore it off the tree, took one of their own 'captive,'
and dragged the suspected 'Nose' off to a camp counselor
in hopes of collecting their 12 marshmallows...
(putting up posters on the way home)

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