Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Science Fair Project 2013: Why My Office Has Smelled Like Rotten Eggs (and Why We Are Going to Yosemite the SECOND Week of Spring Break)

A (stinky!) microbe factory atop the dryer:
loosely-covered jars of rainwater, dead grass, and a bit of egg yolk

After seven days he poured the contents of the two jars into one jar, stirred, and...

...poured the stuff into two containers...

...covered one container with a foam-core pyramid,
and left both in the sun all day, every day, for one week.

He hypothesized that Pyramid Power was bunk, and that the culture inside the pyramid would die off as quickly as the culture outside the pyramid (perhaps more quickly, as photosynthesis would be hampered by the pyramid)

Each evening he uncovered the cultures...

...and took a sample of each.

For each sample, he counted the number of microbes he could find in five minutes.
(It is tricky working a microscope whilst holding a blue Charms Blow Pop)

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