Monday, March 25, 2013

The Sillier Seder

Some Necessary Additions to the Traditional Four Questions:

Q: Why is it that on all other nights we don't wear Mardi Gras beads, but on this night we do?

A: On this night, we are at the Mishpucha Bs' seder, and we pull slips of paper from a hat that tell us whether we are Egyptians or Jews, and the Egyptians get to wear all the fancy stuff  -- until the end of the night when the Jews take it all!!!

Q:  Why is it that on all other nights we do not read at the table, but on this night we read and read and read, and sometimes read rhymes in the style of Seuss, and even read an occasional rebus?

A:  On this night we read from Mama B's super-thorough-yet-ultra-silly Haggadah (whose rebus version of the Passover story allowed for the coining of the unforgettable phrase "ass radish"*).

Q: Why is that on all other nights everybody is expected to remain seated during dinner, but on this night the children are permitted (nay, encouraged) to leap up from the table?

A: On this night in this household the children are expected to BRING THOSE TEN PLAGUES TO LIFE, BABY!!! 

Hence, Plague #4: WILD ANIMALS!!!!


*it was "HORSEradish," but the drawing did indeed resemble a donkey more than a horse...

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