Saturday, March 02, 2013

Their Turn with jek (Who Took All the Photos): Jump and Nosh

On the Mulholland Memorial, near jessica & Jeff's fountain

I love how carefully they choose their outfits
when they haven't seen her in a while...
They ran and climbed and chased each other...
...while I tried to help with the Anniversary Jump Shot.
None of us were ready to let her go -- and some of us were constantly hungry -- 
so we all went to Auntie Em's for breakfast.
Ander had a surprisingly small Monkey Bread 

(we had to order him something else as well).

Everyone had stories to tell, adventures to relate...

...but we squeezed in as much talk and as much caffeine as any of us could bear, and then we squeezed jessica and jeff and let them go, on to their next adventure.

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