Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Having Been Blasted Out of Bed with the Harlem Shake (Complete with Dancing Sister and Mother and Eye-Rolling Father) AND the Ting-Ting's "Happy Birthday," He Ought to Have Expected the Felt-Bannered Birthdaymobile and its Sparkly-Hat-Wearing Driver and Passenger at Pick-Up Time

All the windows were down, and the Ting-Tings were on repeat.
We stopped at the party store to fill the back of the van with 

(and one turquoise balloon for the Birthday Sister).

balloons are surprisingly temperamental 
and can be very very loud when angered or punctured.
(Only ten balloons made it into the car.)

We picked up Shanaynay, and made her wear a mask and a hat.
The Ting-Tings were still on repeat.
The car windows remained down.
(somewhere across town, Dubbadad was filled with a sudden and inexplicable sense of relief that he was NOT with his family)
On our way to Scoops, we noticed this, liked it,
and then two of us took its picture.
Two of them had TRIPLE scoops.

He added Raisin Bagel, Root Beer, and Nutella.

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