Tuesday, April 09, 2013

We Took the Party to Them (But They Take the Cake)

XII ?  XII !!!

She was so excited for him to open her present that I felt nervous for her...

...and then he was utterly delighted and surprised and touched, and he loved it SO MUCH that he turned and gave her a big hug (which I missed capturing, but oh it is shining brightly in my heart's eye) and promptly named him Sir Francis.

He received some other truly special gifts, like this one from dear Mr. L 
(delivered to our front porch this afternoon)

"I wear a lab coat now.  Lab coats are cool."
(personalized lab coat = warm-weather replacement for the Ubiquitous Green Hat???)

They love him so much and so well.

(Aliza too!)


  1. Replace the hat when the lettering matches it so well? Wouldn't hold my breath on that one. :)

    1. that hat is getting TIGHT, and it is WOOL.

      bargaining: streak of green in his hair for the summer in exchange for letting the hat wait for him with the winter clothes...

    2. Very smart exchange!