Tuesday, April 09, 2013

What She Made Him for His 12th Birthday

Designed entirely by Aliza, who also chose the thrifted, Eric Carle fabric from the fabric bin, sewed all the non-fiddly bits, and spent a very, very long time stuffing balls of fluff into the too-small opening in the bottom of his foot (using a looong 'tasting' spoon to reach the farthest and tightest corners).  She left him floppy at the neck on purpose.

We talked and talked about how to copy the face she had drawn on paper onto a big, puffy head: felt bits that she could glue on herself?  Embroidery?  Applique?  She decided that the gluing option wasn't as long-lasting, and so she care-ful-ly cut out that pink fleece nose before finally falling into bed.  

After she was asleep -- over and over into the wee hours of Ander's birthday eve -- I consulted Aliza's drawing while I appliquéd the features.  I raided the scrap-bag for just-right bits: the moustache was snipped from scraps left over from cutting down Ander's black trousers into skater-length shorts.  I wasn't certain from the drawing if this mustachioed fellow was supposed to have a little mouth or a wee goatee peeking out from below his 'stache, so I cut a pink scrap and a black scrap, and let Aliza decide in the morning.  

She loved him just the way he is, and was SO PROUD to see her drawing come to 3-d life.

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  1. He's adorable! What a wonderful gift!