Saturday, September 14, 2013

It Continues to Surprise Me

...that nowadays I can say, "We will be leaving for Grandma and Poppy's house in an hour, so you might want to shower," and then --

-- showers are actually taken!

-- teeth are brushed, and hair is tidied!

-- spiffy outfits befitting an at-home-and-very-Reform Yom Kippur break-fast are chosen, and put on, and accessorized!

And I am blindsided.

I walk down the hall -- all ready to nudge and nag and help the wee children -- and am so so so stunned to find these tall, young people, who have managed shower temperatures, and specialized shampoos, and electric toothbrushes, and combs, and buttons, and belts, and zippers, and shoelaces -- all on their own -- and who are now just passing the time, drawing, chipping away at math homework (???), waiting for me to get dressed.