Monday, November 11, 2013


I did not want Zaza to cramp Ander's style on his post-THOR-screening "free range 'playdate'" at the Grove, but the big girls (who do not have younger siblings) WANTED her, and BEGGED and PLEADED to keep her, and made PUPPY EYES, and she so wanted to be included, and so I relented. 

They hid behind lampposts and trash cans and followed Ander and Mr. E. all over. They went into stores and found the most expensive items and laughed at them. They ate paninis and horchata and mint chip ice cream in the Farmer's Market. They bought matching $2 rings at Forever 21. 

All while I sat at Starbucks and browsed in the bookstore and the fancy dress shop.

Never has there been a happier 9 year-old.

(I only walked behind them for these 4 pictures -- and then they were off on their own for 2 and a half hours.)