Wednesday, February 19, 2014

ice cream WEDNESDAY (while the rest of the country freezes without the aid of icy treats)

we love Scoops

(we did pine for Miss Kitty and those long-ago Fridays)

he is a very good chair
through the security gate of a LACC parking garage,
down the street from the ice cream shoppe
(snapped & digitally altered by Ander)


  1. Oh my goodness, look how grown up your boy looks! Isn't it crazy? My own is nearly 6 feet tall now and in high school and just saying that makes me want to weep a bit. (Did I tell you he got into the Science based high school he was hoping to get into? And there was much rejoicing! The kid is in hog heaven.)

    1. OH so HAPPY about science-based high school! Congratulations to you ALL!

      With his 13th birthday a month away, Ander is now 5'11" -- I make him sit down when I have to scold him!!! It's utterly heart-breaking. His feet are bigger than his dad's (voice is deeper than dad's too!)...